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Grant Criteria

InternetNZ Grant Criteria.

InternetNZ provides Grants to fulfil its obligations as a charitable, non-profit common interest society established to maintain and extend the availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications in New Zealand.

A Grant application must

  • support outcome/s that meet at least one of the Objects of the Society;
  • have a demonstrable benefit to people in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands;
  • be “future focused” and not retrospective;
  • demonstrate a clear element of public/community benefit in the outcome/s;
  • not lead to any pecuniary gain for any organisation or individual outside normal employment or contract compensation;
  • set out the output/s that will be delivered in return for the grant, and the outcome/s the output/s are seeking to bring about;
  • set out in particular any proposed international travel or hospitality uses of grant money;
  • be used for the purpose stated and no other purpose. Acceptance of the payment will be deemed to confirm that the Grant has or will be applied accordingly;
  • not be for a speculative venture;

The following will be taken into consideration:

  • multi-year commitments will be considered;
  • The ability of the applicant to carry out the project, including their track record;

In addition:

  • Grant applications are accepted at any time;
  • Grant applicants that are from organisations with public and transparent reporting and accountability requirements will be preferred, over grants to individuals.
  • Grant applications can be for the “total cost” of delivering the outputs, which may include administrative or overhead costs.
  • A report that details the outcomes of the Grant must be provided by the recipient at the completion of the project, and if the grant is substantial or for a long term then during the period of the grant as agreed;
  • There is no maximum amount that may be granted to an individual organisation.
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