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Jenny Shearer

Biography for Jenny Shearer

I am a communications policy person, teaching IT ethics part time at tertiary level. I'm an Honorary Research Fellow of the Computer Science Department at the University of Auckland, and a director of Digital Data Security, an Auckland cryptographic software firm.

I was a Foundation Council member of ISOCNZ, serving for three years, with further years helping to sort out ISOCNZ's problems to date.

There are now opportunities to contribute on Council, by giving implementation of the SRS high priority, by widening policy involvement to take in access issues, conducting reviews of all proposed legislation, and taking up current societal and e-commerce concerns. The opportunities need to be transformed into policy and educational initiatives by a Council that works alongside members, and treats good communications with members and open decisionmaking as a primary goal.

I support the idea of Councillors making the time to contribute brief news and views to an electronic newsletter.

I am the contact for the ISOC Chapter in formation, ISOC Aotearoa, and while I won't push this at members, I hope that a close collaborative relationship will be established with the Chapter. Involvement with ICANN and other international bodies is important, but activities must be well understood and supported by members.

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