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The Council 2000-2001

COUNCIL 2000-2001

The Council is responsible for the running of The Internet Society of New Zealand. It has up to twenty members. One member is appointed by the Society's Industry Advisory Group, but all other members of council are elected by the membership.

The Council has delegated particular responsibilities to a number of Standing Committees which are comprised of Councilors.

As the need arises, limited-term Working Groups are set up with membership open to the members of the Society. Each Working Group reports to a specified Standing Committee.

Members can access the Minutes of Council meetings in the "Members Only" area at Council Meetings Index .


  • Chair: Peter Dengate Thrush

  • Secretary: Frank March

  • Treasurer: Keith Davidson

Elected for 2 Year term AGM 2000 - (Term ends AGM 2002)
In alphabetical order:

  • Simon Blake

  • Jordan Carter

  • Keith Davidson (Treasurer)

  • Robert Gray

  • Steven Heath

  • Stephen Judd (Resigned - July 2000)

  • Andy Linton

  • Aaron Scott (Resigned November 2000)

  • Rick Shera

  • David Zanetti

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Elected for an 18 Month Term - AGM 99 (Term Ending AGM 2001)

  • Richard Bourne

  • Peter Dengate Thrush (Chair)

  • Roger De Salis

  • Dr Howard H Frederick

  • Mark Harris (Co-opted 22 Sep 2000)

  • John H. Hine

  • Frank March (Secretary)

  • Andrew Mason

  • Jennifer Northover(Co-opted 24 August 2000)

  • Jean Park MNZM JP (Resigned December 2000)

  • Deb Struthers (Resigned 28 August 2000)

  • Internet Advisory Group (IAG) Appointee

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The Council has delegated particular responsibilities to a number of working committees. The Chair of the Council is a member ex officio of all committees, as is the Executive Director.

Chair: Frank March
Members: Keith Davidson
Richard Bourne
Peter Dengate Thrush
International Affairs
Chair: Peter Dengate Thrush
Members: Frank March
Sue Leader (Executive Director)
Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Chair: Rick Shera
Members: David Zanetti
Mark Harris
Social Impact
Chair: Howard Frederick
Members: Jordan Carter
Andrew Mason
Jennifer Northover
Shared Registry System Implementation Oversight
Chair: Robert Grey
Members: Rick Shera
Mark Harris
Chair: Mark Harris
Members: Andy Linton
John Hine
Simon Blake


Convenor: Don Stokes
Members: David Farrar
Jim Higgins
Sue Leader
Constitution Review
Convenor: Chris Streatfield
Members: Jordan Carter
David Farrar
Frank March
Government Websites WOF
Internet Surveillance
Convenor: Ewen MacNeill
Members: Joe Abley
Andrew Garrett
Roger Hicks
Neil James
Stephen Judd
Rick Shera
Chris Streatfield
Ernst Uys
David Zanetti
Methods of Electronic Participation
Convenor: Richard Bourne
Members: Simon Blake
Mark Munro (external liaison)
Joop Ternstra
John Vorstermans
David Zanetti
New Second Level Domains Applications
Convenor: Steven Heath
Members: John Hine
Unsolicited Bulk Email (UEB)
Convenor: David Zanetti
Political Liaison
Convenor: Andrew Mason
Members: Frank March (external liaison)
Jennifer Northover
Mark Harris (external liaison)
Domainz Model Review (SRS Review)
Convenor: John Hine
Members: Stephen Heath
Rick Shera
Don Stokes
Internet Roadshow
Convenor: Howard Frederick
Members: Jordan Carter
Don Hollander
Andrew Mason
Jennifer Northover
Tiopira Hape Rauna
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