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David Archibald

InternetNZ By-Election 2001
Candidate for Council : David Archibald

I am currently the web manager at Industrial Research Ltd and have responsibility for a number of internet sites along with the development of the company's intranet. I have a range of general IT skills without professing to be an expert in any particular area.

My focus, as it was with my previous role as a business analyst, is on meeting the needs of "users" by providing a link between users and the technical experts.

I have also built and maintain a number of web sites for my own use and have helped other small businesses develop their web presence. In addition, I have five (painful!) years in small business as a retailer and understand the different needs that small business have from larger institutions.

I was a secondary school teacher for 10 years and still retain close links with teaching. I am currently helping my daughter's primary school to develop their IT strategy and try to address the growing digital divide.

I am standing because I believe I would bring a different perspective to the Council. I believe my experiences as an IT integrator - working with a wide range of people - coupled with my experiences outside of IT will be invaluable as InternetNZ looks to move forward.

I work well as a team player, can laugh at myself (hey, I've got a "paper" MCSE and I'm still standing for council!) and believe I can contribute something to InternetNZ.

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