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InternetNZ Council 2001/2002

Historical information about the 2001-2002 InternetNZ Council and the range of commitees and working groups that carried out the business during that period.

COUNCIL 2001-2002

The Council is responsible for the running of InternetNZ. It has up to twenty members. One member is appointed by the Society's Industry Advisory Group, but all other members of council are elected by the membership.

The Council has delegated particular responsibilities to a number of Standing Committees which are composed of Councillors. Individual members of InternetNZ may be appointed to Committees.

As the need arises, limited-term Working Groups are set up with membership open to the members of the Society. Each Working Group reports to a specified Standing Committee.

From time to time the Society may establish highly targetted, limited term working parties as 'whole of Council Working Group'. These may be referred to as 'Steering Groups' or 'Task Forces' depending on the nature of the task. For instance, InternetNZ may be called on act as a "neutral party" to facilitate progress on a community-wide issue and a Steering Group may be established to co-ordinate the work.

Members can access the Minutes of Council meetings in the "Members Only" area at Council Meetings Index .


  • President: Keith Davidson (term ending AGM 2003)
  • Vice President: Rick Shera (elected under new Constitution 30 November 2001 - term ending AGM 2003)
  • Secretary: David Farrar (term ending AGM 2002)
  • Treasurer: Steven Heath (elected by-election 22 December 2001 - term ending AGM 2002)


Elected for an Two Year Term - AGM 2001 (Term Ending AGM 2003)
In alphabetical order:

  • Jonathan Ah Kit
    (elected by-election 21 November 2001 - to complete P Mott's term)
  • Richard Bourne
  • Roger De Salis
  • David Farrar
  • Dr Howard H Frederick
  • Peter Mott - resigned 8 October 2001
  • Jennifer Northover
  • Simon Riley
  • Chris Streatfield
  • Joop Teernstra
  • Drew Whittle

Elected for One Year term AGM 2001 - (Term ending AGM 2002)

  • John Russell

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Elected for 2 Year term AGM 2000 - (Term ending AGM 2002)
In alphabetical order:

  • David Archibald
    (elected by-election 22 December 2001 - to fill IAG vacancy)

  • Simon Blake

  • Jordan Carter

  • Keith Davidson

  • Robert Gray

  • Steven Heath - resigned 1 December 2001

  • Andy Linton - resigned 19 September 2001

  • Bill Parkin
    (elected by-election 22 December 2001 - to complete Andy Linton's term)

  • Rick Shera

  • David Zanetti

  • Internet Advisory Group (IAG) Appointment not made

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The Council has delegated particular responsibilities to a number of working committees. The President of the Society is a member ex officio of all committees, as is the Executive Director.

Chair: Peter Dengate Thrush
Members Frank March
Joop Teernstra
David Farrar
Richard Bourne
Jennifer Northover
Sue Leader (Executive Director)
Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Chair Rick Shera
Members: John Russell
Howard Frederick
Joop Teernstra
Social Impact
Chair: Howard Frederick
Members: Jennifer Northover
Simon Riley
Drew Whittle
Don Hollander
Shared Registry System Implementation Oversight
Chair: Robert Gray
Members: Drew Whittle
Jordan Carter
Chair: David Zanetti
Members: Roger de Salis
Simon Blake

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0867 - work complete May 2000
Constitution Review
Convenor: Chris Streatfield
Members: Jordan Carter
David Farrar
Peter Dengate-Thrush
Domain Name Disputes Resolution
Convenor: Rick Shera
Members: David Zanetti
David Farrar
Peter Dengate-Thrush
Judge David Harvey
Sarah Mehrtens
Damien Broadley
Peter Mott
Government Websites WOF - work complete July 2001
Internet Surveillance work complete October 2001
Methods of Electronic Participation
Convenor: Richard Bourne
Members: Simon Blake
Simon Riley
Mark Harris
David Zanetti
New Second Level Domains Applications
Convenor: Sue Leader
Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE)
Convenor: David Zanetti
Members: Keith Davidson
Roger de Salis
Political Liaison
Convenor: Jordan Carter
Members: David Farrar
Simon Riley
John Russell
Domainz Model Review (SRS Review) - work complete October 2000
Internet Roadshow reabsorbed into Social Impact Committee 2001


Internet2 (NZ) - established 3 August 2001
Convenor: Neil James
Members: Simon Riley
Roger De Salis
John Hine
John Houlker
Andy Linton
Don Hollander
Keith Davidson (ex offcio)
Sue Leader (ex officio)

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