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Bill Parkin

InternetNZ 2002
Candidate for Council - Bill Parkin

Born June 1951

Bill is a freelance Linux and network consultant. He has experience with PCs, mini-computers and Unix systems. He invested over nine years with Telecom NZ Ltd, during which time he developed/operated internal IP network services in the Wellington region as Network Administrator and was Also in this time he developed and supported a variety of software systems. Prior to that he was a PC support analyst with the Wang Business Centre and a Senior Programmer with Procom Software Ltd. He has trained in COBOL as well as being a solo shift operator for Data Control Ltd bureau on Burroughs B500 and B1860 machines.

More recently he has been associated with Digicom Networks Ltd and assisting in several of their school systems. The interest in education support has been extended to the reinvigoration of the Gifford Observatory.

As well as being on the board of Uniforum NZ Inc., he is on the committee of the Astronautics Association of NZ Inc. He has a small fleet of kayaks for flat water use, and maintains the private Internet site '', mostly using Linux. The centre of operations is Lesley's and his property which looks out over Wilton Bush and the bird life there.

"My interest in InternetNZ is to promote the Internet as an effective and inexpensive communications tool. I feel it should have minimal barriers to access and service delivery."

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