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John Russell

Biography for John Russell

John Russell is currently Research and Development Manager for ICONZ, a notable New Zealand corporate ISP and Solutions Provider. Previous positions he has held include Engineering Manager for IHUG, Operations Manager at Callplus Ltd, and CTO of Synapse Networks Ltd. John has previously served as an InternetNZ (then ISOCNZ) councilor, a position which he had to reluctantly retire from due to time constraints. With the end of various working projects, John now has more free time, and is extremely keen to be once again involved with InternetNZ on a council level."

Election Statement: "I would like to see InternetNZ continue its recent excellent work as a stabilizing force in the New Zealand Internet industry. I'd greatly like to actively participate in lobby groups both to and for industry and the New Zealand government. I am also extremely keen to see InternetNZ become an advocate for efficient domestic network use and as an industry liason. If elected, I look forward to working once again with the rest of the council."

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