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The Council 2004-05

InternetNZ Council members for 2004/05.


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Elected for a Two Year Term - AGM 2003 (Term Ends AGM 2005)

Elected for a One Year Term - AGM 2004 (Term Ends AGM 2005)

Elected for a Two Year Term - AGM 2004 (Term Ends AGM 2006)

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The Committees

  • Audit : Chris Streatfield (Chair), Michael Sutton, Nick Wallingford

  • Executive : President (Chair), David Farrar, Michael Wallmannsberger, Chris Streatfield, Simon Riley ( terms of reference )

  • Governance and Constitutional : Chris Streatfield (Chair), Jordan Carter, David Farrar, Dave Moskovitz, Michael Wallmannsberger (Deputy Chair) (terms of reference)

  • International : Peter Dengate Thrush (Chair), David Farrar, Jennifer Northover, Grant Forsyth, President (ex-officio)

  • Legal and Regulatory : David Farrar (Chair), Grant Forsyth (Deputy Chair), David Harris, Rick Shera, Sean Weekes, Chris Streatfield, Peter Dengate-Thrush, President (ex-officio)

  • NZOC (.nz Oversight Committee) : Frank March (Chair), Colin Jackson (Deputy Chair), Richard Curry, Roger Hicks, Jennifer Northover, David Russell, President (ex-officio)

  • Technical : Brendan Murray (Chair) , Michael Sutton, David Harris, Don Stokes, Rodney Prescott, Bill Parkin, Simon Riley, President (ex-officio)

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Tasks Forces & Working Groups

  • DNDR: (Domain Name Dispute Resolution) : Rick Shera (Chair)

  • PAG: (Patent Advisory Group) : Jim Higgins (Chair)

  • Antispam: David Farrar (Chair)

  • ENUM: Michael Sutton (Chair), David Farrar, Grant Forsyth, Rodney Prescott, Chris Streatfield, Ex Officio members: Chair Technical, Chair Legal & Reg, President, Executive Director and DNC (terms of reference)

  • IPv6: (sub committee of Technical) : Michael Sutton (Chair)

  • Whois Working Group: David Russell (Chair)

  • Fellowship Committee: John Hine (Chair) and all other fellows of the Society

  • RAG: (Registrar advisory group) : DNC (Chair)

  • SPAG: (Service Providers advisory group) : Executive Director (Chair)

  • ICANNZ06 Task Force: Keith Davidson (Chair), David Farrar, Grant Forsyth, Peter Dengate-Thrush, Jennifer Northover, Executive Director, Research & Policy Officer, Conference Organiser, Conference Technical Manager.

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