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Jonathan Ah Kit

Biography for Jonathan Ah Kit

I have been sitting on the InternetNZ council since November 2001. During my term, I have had the privilege of mixing my teacher training with my other equal passion, helping InternetNZ move to where it is today.

Since joining council, I have been assisting behind the scenes, including the monthly members' meetings in Wellington, held with UniForum. I regularly provide feedback to other members on the society lists.

It's not over yet, with issues such as the Internet Code of Practice needing an update, broadband access - especially schools' access - and the future of Domainz. This is why I am looking for your support to 'help out' behind the scenes for another two years.

My 'other' time is spent using my print and online journalism experience to put teaching resources online for wider use, and running a listserver (greta.electric.gen.nz) for some small educational and news-related mailing lists.

I am keen to serve again on the InternetNZ council. As always, I'm keen to hear from and discuss any topic with you.

Jonathan Ah Kit
E-mail: jonathan.ahkit@internetnz.net.nz
Jabber: ahkitj@greta.electric.gen.nz

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