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Document 2006 Nominations
Nominations opened on 2 June 2006 for the election of Secretary, Treasurer and five Councillors for InternetNZ.
Document Michael Wallmannsberger
Biographical notes for Michael Wallmannsberger for the 2006 InternetNZ election. Michael stood for the position of Treasurer.
Document Janet Mazenier
Throughout a varied and challenging career I have developed a strong passion for the enabling opportunities provided by the Internet and related technologies, coupled with a proven ability to engage, promote and manage complex initiatives.
Document Dr Frank March
I am putting myself forward for a position on Council because I have some concerns about the future of InternetNZ.
Document Margot McCutcheon
Having spent over 24 years in the Transport and Logistics Industry, I have seen the Internet, and technology in general, progress from a “toy” that was regarded with great suspicion to a valued business tool for transport and logistics companies and their customers – most of whom are still only realising its current potential let alone what a connected future might bring.
Document Stephen Heath
With great power comes great responsibility. Welcome and thanks for taking time to read the material provide by myself and the other candidates for the various InternetNZ elections.
Document Jamie Baddeley
I'm running for council for several reasons, but first I should explain who I am. I live in Brooklyn, Wellington. Prior to this, I've lived in both Auckland and Christchurch for a number of years.
Document Michael Sutton
I stand for InternetNZ’s Council with a view to the future.
Document Jonny Martin
I believe I have a lot to offer the society - and in turn New Zealand - from both a technical and a policy perspective, and my relative youthfulness.
Image APEC Cover
Cover of APEC magazine for M Sutton's election notes.
Document Chris Aspros
When the opportunity to serve as a InternetNZ councillor was proposed to me, I realised this forum would allow me to share my experiences gained in developing small and medium sized services organisations with other participants in the internet community. I believe that by sharing my experiences of developing these types of services, the internet community will benefit as a whole.
Image Chris Aspros
Photo of Chris Aspros
Document Lin Nah
Internet is wonderful! I would like to ensure its potential isn't constrained by poor legislation or decisions by entities who have the ability to affect the future of Internet use in NZ. I would work to ensure the Internet remains open and uncapturable with no limitations placed to impede innovation and technical leadership.
Document 2006 Election Results
Results of the election for Secretary, Treasurer, five Councillors and voting on two rule change proposals.
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