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Jonny Martin

I believe I have a lot to offer the society - and in turn New Zealand - from both a technical and a policy perspective, and my relative youthfulness.

I've been actively involved with the New Zealand internet since 1998, working in various technical roles starting at Telecom, and then  Alcatel, Citylink and FX Networks.  Currently I am contracting to FX  Network working on the deployment of a really really fast national  network.

On the technical front I bring great knowledge in a number of  fields.  For those fields in which I don't possess such knowledge I  can plausibly pretend :).  Of particular relevance to current society undertakings is my involvement with the original design and  deployment of Telecom's DSL network - the legacy which is still with  us today.  Also I have expertise in VoIP, ENUM, and related issues  and technologies.  It is in fact voice-in-an-internet-world that I  see as the biggest issue for InternetNZ from this point forward.  All  power to TUANZ, however this is all happening with an 'internet'  ethos so we are going to be taking the lead.

Working with large incumbents right through to the small 'good guys'  has provided me with a unique insight into both practical and  preposterous internet policy.

I'm in the running for both Secretary and Council.  Remember to vote  for me in both positions!  As secretary, I intend to increase  communication of society matters with members and to ensure that the  restructure underway takes into account the wider picture of where  the society should head, who will be involved, and how that all  relates to this internet that we are building.  I'm committed to  carrying on with the good work the society has been doing and believe  I can do this most effectively as an officer.

Knowledge, technical, and policy considerations are only half of the story.  People and the relationships between them are what actually  get networks interconnected.  As such it's quite lucky that I put  just as much effort into relationship building and socialising as I  do to what's traditionally referred to as 'work'.

Lastly, if you have no other reason to decide whether to cast a vote  my way;  I come to the society with an independent viewpoint, and  thus far I haven't annoyed too many people.

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