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Michael Sutton

I stand for InternetNZ’s Council with a view to the future.

I first worked with international data networks in the late 1970's and then in 1983 with 3M Europe's, Zurich Switzerland, Director of Management Information Systems, linking distributed systems to St. Paul. I came back to New Zealand and worked in Wellington setting up my own development capacity. We developed radio data subsystems and software for hand-held computers, PC's, servers and notebooks which were patented in the United States with a priority date of 1993.

I now meet with companies* to design software enabling UCI whose capabilities, as described by ETSI, using PUA shield ENUM and other User telecommunication services. (ETSI = European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

First elected to Council in 2003 (not 2004 as in the current Annual Report) I have attended every Council meeting held since becoming a Councillor and; I have served on the Audit Committee; Technical Committee; and as Chair of the InternetNZ ENUM Task Force. In my capacity as a Councillor I project managed the build in 2005 and Open Source of the ENUM PUA; and the research papers contracted studying use of PUA with ENUM, based on ETSI frameworks to protect users privacy and security.

APEC CoverThis was recognised internationally including by ETSI and the APEC Business Advisory Council whom through their Report specifically advised national Leaders attending in Busan Korea November 2005 of our work combing ENUM and PUA and UCI. The Chair or the ETSI Steering Group has asked me to join this SG in March 2006.

I have also served by representing InternetNZ at multiple meetings over the past year in the Government's SSC Working Group on Authentication Standards for Online Services.

Further efforts I have made with InternetNZ involve supporting multicast and IPv6.

User ENUM should be in active policy and technical development and implementation trials without undue delay. Currently 61 countries have had their number delegated via Ripe and the ITU. New Zealand has not requested delegation yet.

I believe that InternetNZ as a ccTLD manager has a responsibility to bring on new related systems such as ENUM, DNSsec with IPv6 and CA solutions.

I support principals of the work that InternetNZ has undertaken in respect of unbundling and separation. I also respect shareholder value and wish to see the minimum dislocation to equity valuations.

Thanks to Peter for putting my nomination forward a second time; to my Partner Karen Gregory Hunt who may carry a veto; and Tom my son (7) who managed to get registered for ICANN and does his best to explain to me what to do with Council papers.

I'd also like to thank two Councillors I have shared this time with whose Term has concluded, or have they ascended, Grant Forsyth and Rodney whom with others often said the right things and are made of the right stuff.

My personal web site:

For further details of the work on ENUM we have undertaken go to:

The State Services Authentication web site:


Michael Sutton
+64 21 305500
mailto: michael.sutton at

** Including Catalyst.

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