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Lin Nah

Internet is wonderful! I would like to ensure its potential isn't constrained by poor legislation or decisions by entities who have the ability to affect the future of Internet use in NZ. I would work to ensure the Internet remains open and uncapturable with no limitations placed to impede innovation and technical leadership.

I have a good knowledge and understanding of the Internet, both in technical implementation and as an end user.  I am passionate about the Internet and what it has to offer.  I am able to get along with people of various backgrounds and have often been able to explain technology to non technical people.

I believe InternetNZ has a responsibility not limited to support of its members and management of the .nz CCTLD.  I was particularly excited after attending the presentation of the business plan in April. InternetNZ has a lot to contribute towards ensuring the best outcome is achieved for NZ Internet users today and in the future.  My excitement came from seeing the many possible ways I could contribute towards InternetNZ achieving its goals.

I would like to contribute towards supporting Internet innovation and technical leadership as well as help further develop the archive documenting the history of Internet in NZ. I believe the longer we wait the more people are likely to forget.

Now is an interesting time in NZ with the recent LLU decision. I was impressed with the effect InternetNZ has on telecommunications reform. InternetNZ is consulted and well respected in this regard. I also believe we need a good anti-spam legislation, an initiative InternetNZ has been working towards.

In early 1993 I was given my first email address and since then I have been hooked online!  I have been promoting the Internet, including writing and talking about it.  I ran introductory seminars or workshops for Internet, Email and Usenet 10 years ago. I have also helped people find resources on the internet to help them.

In 1994 - 1995 I lead a group of NZ netizens, who became known as the Network Society of NZ (NetSocNZ) in a campaign against the Technology and Crimes Reform Bill, introduced to the house by then MP Trevor Rodgers. This was done with a lot of help from online users (connected by Internet or otherwise).

I am an Undernet Administrator. Undernet is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network with over 100,000 users. I joined Undernet IRC network in September 1993 as a user when it had under 100 users and have been an Operator since early 1994.  For the last 10 years, I have been part of a world wide Undernet Admin committee,

I was a foundation member of ISOCNZ and was part of the AGM that voted to rebrands iself.  InternetNZ has come a long way since the inaugural meeting to form ISOCNZ in May 1995 and the first AGM in November 1995. I was fortunate to attend both those meetings as well as a few others. I was a member of the ISOCNZ 0867 working group in 2000.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and have completed a number of postgraduate papers.  I worked as a tutor and course coordinator at the University of Auckland between 1990 and 1999.  I then worked at Quicksilver Internet for 6 years, in a number of roles including customer services, accounts, credit collection, hostmaster, webmaster, maintaining the customer information and billing system, invoicing and payments processing.

More recently I helped organise the NZNOG conference that was held in Wellington in March 2006 My tasks included getting sponsorship for the conference, liaising with sponsors, coordinating with the caterers, organising social events, liaising with suppliers.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate the time you have taken to consider your vote.

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