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Chris Aspros

When the opportunity to serve as a InternetNZ councillor was proposed to me, I realised this forum would allow me to share my experiences gained in developing small and medium sized services organisations with other participants in the internet community. I believe that by sharing my experiences of developing these types of services, the internet community will benefit as a whole.

Chris AsprosI have a broad background in international consulting, first with working at Anderson Consulting in London (now Accenture), and then more specifically in telecommunications with Ericsson Mobile in Sweden. Closer to home, I worked as the CEO of a software development company, before starting nzwireless Ltd.

NZWIRELESS is where I feel my forte lies – in bringing a wireless perspective to New Zealand’s broadband community. I have focused on providing competitive services to the public that complements our competitors allowing an increased broadband penetration utilising disparate technologies. We focus on innovative means of bringing connectivity to the under-served community that is based on either licensed and public spectrum and deliver via both terrestrial and satellite based connections as required and where applicable.

We have carried out many infrastructure builds throughout New Zealand, providing high speed access to areas there would certainly not be in the rollout plans of competing wireless operators.

I am also on the executive committee of Unlimited Potential, an incorporated society in Wellington aimed at promoting IT within the Wellington region. I was a facilitator of UPSTART, an initiative under UP to provide guidance to young entrepreneurs aiming to start out in business.

In addition to managing the .nz domain, InternetNZ has an objective of “high performance and unfettered access for all.” This is something that I am intensely passionate about, and certainly an area in which I have experience in within New Zealand.

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