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EB Director Role Description

Role description for Executive Board Director.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Executive Board Role Description.

The director must contribute, as part of the team of directors who constitute the Board, in an effective manner to the Board undertaking its functions.  This includes full participation in all the relevant governance activities of the Board.

Generic Director Skills

The following generic director skills are sought -

  • Common sense, wisdom and judgement;
  • An understanding of the policy and regulatory environment in New Zealand
  • Integrity and commitment to ethical behaviour;
  • Business acumen (including financial literacy) and a track record in his / her field;
  • Independent thought and the ability to debate and defend viewpoints;
  • Objectivity and the ability to take a broader perspective – the “helicopter view”;
  • Ability to work as part of a team and support the collective view of the Board;
  • Appreciation of the legal roles and responsibilities of a director;
  • Time to commit to the role;
  • Appreciation and empathy with the objectives and vision of InternetNZ and other key stakeholders;
  • Interest and enthusiasm for the issues facing the internet.

In addition, directors should be able to consider issues from one or more of the following perspectives:

  • technical
  • legal
  • business
  • policy
  • regulatory oversight.

All directors are required to be a member of the Internet Society of New Zealand and to maintain this membership during their tenure as a director.

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