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INZ Website Design Policies


  • Lowest common denominator access. Impacts:
    • No Flash or other "bells'n'whistles"
    • Minimise graphics use and size
    • No frames - alternative navigation required
    • Not graphic dependent navigation (i.e. some turn off graphics)
  • Range of platforms. Impacts:
    • No product-specific code
    • Work to W3C and WAI standards
    • Check output on at least two browsers, in least two versions of browsers, ideally check on non-PC output (Unix, Linux, Mac)
    • Server-side programming
  • Assume people accessing the site range from fully abled to disabled in a variety of ways (e.g. hearing impaired, vision impaired, arthritis). Impacts:
    • Print size
    • Colours
    • Label all graphics
  • Restrictions on access - transparency and openness.
    • Password protection only for sensitive or privacy related areas
    • Access should be open unless a very good reason not to be - therefore reports may be mostly accessible but have sections restricted


  • Hack proof
  • Online purchasing
  • Access protocols, including:
    • how often
    • Who
    • How


  • Members
  • Public
  • Legal
  • Choice: e.g. no cookies
  • Statement of privacy policy on site

Intellectual Property

  • Determine whether Public Domain or Public Ownership
  • Identifying "ownership" - e.g. © symbol
  • Policy Statement
  • No unauthorised use by site itself


  • Identify legal requirements, e.g. credit card use


In relation to ease of maintenance (may tie in to 2 Security)

  • Currency
  • Reliability
  • Integrity

Last updated 27 August 2004

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