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Expenses Policy


InternetNZ will reimburse Councillors, staff, delegates and members of Committees or Working Groups any legitimate expenses incurred by travel made necessary to attend an InternetNZ meeting or attend another meeting on behalf of InternetNZ.

Expenses should be claimed within two months of the expense being incurred.

InternetNZ is a non profit organisation so those claiming expenses are expected to try and arrange travel and accommodation at reasonable prices. As a general rule daily expenses should not exceed the per diem rate listed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for a particular country.


InternetNZ will reimburse the following sorts of expenses:

  • Up to economy class airfares for flights of up to 12 hours
  • Up to business class airfares for flights of longer than 12 hours after pre-approval from the Treasurer
  • Taxi fares
  • Mileage for use of own car at standard IRD rate
  • Accommodation where necessary for attendance at a meeting or where it allows for cheaper airfares
  • Meals where one is away from home due to attendance at meetings


Generally InternetNZ will not reimburse claims for alcohol. Exceptions will be made for reasons of hospitality but any claims will be approved by the Treasurer

Expense Claims

All claims for expense reimbursement will be made to and approved by the Executive Director, except for their own or for members of the Administration Committee. Any disagreement with the Executive Director's decision can be appealed to the Administration Committee.

The Treasurer will approve expense claims for the Executive Director or for members of the Administration Committee, excepting his or her own.

The Chair of the Administration Committee will approve any expense claims from the Treasurer.

Last updated 14 November 2001

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