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Principles Governing Second Level Domains Within .nz

Status: Current 2002

These principles were originally contained in Future Development of the .NZ Domain Name Space accepted by Council on 21 May 1997.

These principles represent a set of attributes that we would expect of any second level domain name. These attributes can be used to measure the quality of an argument supporting the creation of a new second level domain and proposals for new second level domains will be expected to justify the new domain with respect to these principles.

  • Associated with each second level domain should be a clear statement of a common interest shared by entities that are expected to request names within the domain, e.g. tertiary educational institutions.
  • Proposals for new second level domains should provide a proposed statement describing the community of interest for the domain and an argument indicating why this community requires a new second level domain.

  • The abbreviation used to represent the domain should be an obvious derivative of a word that properly describing the domain, e.g. .ac for academic.
  • Minimum ambiguity should exist between different second level domain names, i.e. ideally their communities of interest should not overlap.

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