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.maori Report to Council 07/08/02

7 August 2002

The Council

Implementation of Second Level Domain

At your meeting in July, you unanimously approved the creation of as a second level domain (2LD). ? The DNC in her report to you had recommended a 'first come, first served' approach taken to its implementation however, following issues raised by councillors, it was agreed that the NZOC would consider this matter further and make recommendations to the August Council meeting.

Following the July meeting, the DNC had further discussion with Karaitiana Tairuru, the Chair of the New Zealand Maori Internet Society (NZMIS), the group that applied for

The NZMIS now supports the 'first come, first served' approach and are not seeking any protected words, or a lottery approach. They have identified issues around the lottery approach and would prefer instead to have a clear date for implementing

Given that is the position of the applicant, the NZOC would recommend that InternetNZ follow this. The NZOC is aware that there are other, general factors that the Council raised for consideration but believe that the reasons given by NZMIS for not wanting a lottery are reasonable and should be respected. For example, from inquiries made into holding a lottery, there would be costs incurred that would need to be recovered by way of an entry fee to the lottery.The NZMIS has made it clear that they do not want anyone to have to pay more to register a name in the domain.

Karaitiana asked about the NZMIS registering, and The NZOC considered this request, taking into account the role of NZMIS in promoting the internet among Maori. NZMIS is the applicant for the creation of the first new 2LD to have been set up in recent years. The establishment of each new 2LD needs to be considered on a case by case basis. The fact that a decision is made regarding the implementation of does not in itself create a precedent as the InternetNZ policy has been followed and it is silent on matters such as operational implementation. The NZOC therefore supports the request made by NZMIS to be able to pre-purchase the three domain names they asked for.

It is also clear from talking to Karaitiana that the NZMIS are keen for to be implemented as soon as is practicable. If a 'first come, first served' approach is approved, then an early implementation date can be set. Domainz have been consulted on this and they have informed us that they can meet 5 September. They have also indicated that the timing of the implementation should be 'following the 11am zone push'. The NZOC is happy to recommend what suits Domainz.

It is recommend that the InternetNZ Council:

1. Note the content of this paper, especially the comments regarding the preference of the NZMIS in implementing YES / NO

2. Agree that the implementation be undertaken as follows:

  • be implemented on a 'first come, first served' basis;
  • NZMIS may pre-purchase, and if they so wish;
  • Implementation to occur on 5 September, following the 11am zone push.


3. Agree that details about the implementation can be publicised immediately

Frank March
.nz Oversight Committee
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