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Moderation of 2nd level domains



This policy relates the moderation of certain second level domains.


To secure certainty in the process of moderation


To establish consistency in the criteria used for moderating proposed names


Moderation policies are applicable to the second level domains designated by ISOCNZ within the .nz domain space. The policies do not apply to the second level domains that are not designated to be moderated.




This is a process by which proposed domain names are scrutinised for their suitability to be accepted within certain second level domains.

1. ISOCNZ has determined that certain second level domains within the .nz domain shall be moderated. The second level domains that are to be moderated are set out in Schedule 1 to this policy.

2. A moderator is appointed by ISOCNZ for each of the second level domains to be moderated. A Moderation Agreement is to be agreed and signed by ISOCNZ and the moderator. Moderator details shall include the full name of the organisation and the name and contact details of the contact person within the organisation with which the Moderation Agreement is agreed.

3. Moderation entails the following activities:

(a) Entities seeking to register a domain name within the second-level domain being moderated will be evaluated to ensure that the entity meets the organisational criteria set out for the second-level domain. This moderation is to ensure that only those entities that meet the organisational criteria are permitted to obtain a name in the domain as sought.

(b) The organisational criteria are set out in Schedules 2, 3, 4 and 5 to this policy.

(c) For those entities that are deemed to have met the organisational criteria, the moderator will further determine whether the domain name sought is acceptable.

(d) The domain names criteria for each moderated second level domain are set out in Schedule 2, 3, 4 and 5 to this policy.

(e) The moderator must notify the applicant and Domainz of the acceptance or rejection of the domain name sought within an agreed number of working days.

(f) The number of working days will be agreed by ISOCNZ with the moderator in each case and form part of the terms of the Moderation Agreement.

4. The moderator must provide ISOCNZ with the criteria referred to in 3(a) and 3(b) above.

5. A period of three months is required for either party to the Moderation Agreement as notice of termination.

6. The Moderation Agreement must record the name of the contact of the moderating organisation, and the details of that contact person.

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Last updated 17 April 2000

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