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Project Management Office Handbook - Executive Summary

Information on InternetNZ project management processes and methodology.

InternetNZ Projects

An InternetNZ project is: "a temporary undertaking to create a unique product or service with a defined start and end point and specific objectives which when achieved signify completion".

Any InternetNZ project must deliver outcomes that support the Strategic Plan.

To be run as a major project the planned expenditure must be greater than $5,000 and/or more than 25 tasks. For smaller projects there is no requirement to set up a major project, however this methodology may be used.

Project Types

Projects are classified into five types:

  • Sponsorship
  • Discussion/Initiative Papers
  • Internally Focused Projects
  • Externally Focused projects
  • Externally funded Projects where InternetNZ is Fund Manager

Externally Focused or Funded Projects require full project reporting whereas Sponsorship only requires a business case. Simple projects such as discussion papers and some internally focussed projects require only executive summaries of project documentation such as the initiation and evaluation documents.

Project Management Life Cycle

InternetNZ projects follow this life cycle process:



The Project Management Office templates are a mixture of samples, cut and paste options and working templates.


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