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Draft InternetNZ Membership Plan

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Membership Fees Proposal Summary:

Assuming the Constitutional amendments are accepted at the AGM, we will have 4 membership categories applying, specifically:

  • Individual Membership, annual subscription = $21 inc GST
  • “Professional” Membership, annual subscription = $50 + GST
  • “Small Organisation” Membership, annual subscription = $100 + GST
  • “Large Organisation” Membership, annual subscription = $500 + GST

Promotion and Marketing 2006/07 Year

  • “About Us” brochure highlighting membership, currently being created
  • Membership form will be adapted to include tick-box section to indicate members special interests
  • Website aligned with 2 above points
  • Ongoing placement of newspaper / print media advertisements highlighting the use of .nz funds for related purposes
  • Ongoing print and on line promotion of INZ initiatives
  • Continued branding, profile building and general marketing of InternetNZ
  • Continued alliance with sibling organisations for leveraging joint membership (e.g. NZ Computer Society plan, resulting in 7 new members to date)
  • Continued discussion regarding possible membership engagement / leveraging with ICTNZ.



All members would be subscribed to members lists, and advised how to participate on the InternetNZ blog.. Members and staff would continue to post items of general interest for debate on either or both the members list and blog. (Current benefit and no additional costs)

Members would be requested to indicate special interest areas on their membership application and/or via the website. A monthly hardcopy or email (user choice) newsletter would be sent to each member based on their special interest indications, by the INZ Comms person who would review the monthly project reports, INZ mailing lists etc. (Probable additional costs including internal resources = $15,000 per year)

All members would receive an email digest of links to topical NZ media stories,which would be completed by our Comms person. (Additional costs would be around $10,000 per year for internal resources)

All Professional and Organisation members would receive an email copy of the Goldstein weekly reports. (Additional Subscription Costs to InternetNZ would be around $2,500 per year)

“Large Organisation” members would also receive a copy of the Cook Report (Additional subscription cost to InternetNZ would be approximately $2,000 additional per annum)

At least once each year InternetNZ will hold a summit or workshop on a pertinent Internet issue, which will have an attendance fee attached, with members being exempt from attendance fees. (Potential loss of up to $3,000 - $5,000 revenue)

InternetNZ commits to a minimum of one set of members consultation meetings per year in 3 or 4 locations and/or remote electronic participation. (No additional costs)

The Annual Report will continue to strengthen as the publication of record for the recorded annual progress made by the Society. (No additional costs)

Other Member Benefits already identified include:


  • Council, Committees and other working groups, subsidiaries
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Representation at other forums


  • Elect Council
  • .nz and InternetNZ policy
  • Government regulation and policy on the Internet
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Lobbying / schmoozing


  • Functions / Workshops / Networking Events
  • Future Employers
  • Potential Clients
  • Partner programmes with sibling organisations


  • Holding Elected Office
  • Involvement with a Committee / Taskforce or a Project
  • Leveraging from INZ’s credibility

Direct Benefits

  • Free E-mail Address

Other Possible Benefits (to be investigated and instituted if costs are within budget)

  • Trade discount from Computer / Geek equipment and software providers
  • ISP Services – e.g. DNS, website hosting, Mail server etc.
  • Additional “behind the wall” benefits on the INZ Website
  • Discount for Consumer OnLine subscription
  • “Road Warrior” package benefits, mobile connectivity, Cafenet subscription etc

Multi Year Memberships

  • Allow for 1,2, 5 and 10 year memberships
  • 5 years for the price of 4
  • 10 years for the price of 7
  • With reduced rates is more affordable, and ensures longer tenure for member


  • To spend up to the amount of $30,000, which was included in the 2006/07 Budget and Business Plan for this Membership Plan


  • Work on some aspects, for example, the new membership brochure, has already commenced, and the plan should be fully operational to coincide with the new membership fees applying from 1 October 2006 (subject to members approval at 2006 AGM) and progress throughout the balance of the current financial year.


  • Desired outcome would be to raise membership from current 180 members to within the range of 300 – 500 members

Keith Davidson

Executive Director
11 June 2006

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