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0867 Documents obtained from the Commerce Commission

I requested under the Official Information Act, all material related to the 0867 enquiry the Commission is carrying out. The response was, uh, a little thin. But there is some interesting material which I have scanned and placed online.

The material provided includes:

  • Covering letter explaining what has been provided, what hasn't and why. Text format, two pages.
  • 0867 service -- briefing note
    Telecom Briefing Notes to Government, June 1999. Text format, three pages. Briefly covers Telecom's justification, including discussion of interconnect issues.
  • Managing Residential Internet Traffic, A presentation to Ministry of Commerce and Treasury
    Telecom Briefing Presentation to Government, June 1999. 17 pages (printouts of presentation slides, one slide per page). I haven't scanned this; it doesn't cover anything not released publically already.
  • 0867 Service by Telecom, Changing customer needs and their consequences
    NZIER Report to Telecom, February 2000. HTML format, 35 pages.
    Easily the most interesting of the three documents, and contains much in depth analysis.

All these documents are OCRed; I've put some effort into fixing obvious scannos, and for the NZIER report have also reproduced figures and tables. In the conversion to HTML, I've moved figures to follow the paragraph that references them, and footnotes to the bottom of each section. All documents have had pagination removed.

Other ISOCNZ material is available under Telecom Internet Access Charging Changes .

Don Stokes, 10 March 2000
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