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ICANN Wellington Host Report

ICANN Wellington Host Report - 2006.

.pdf version of full report

Summary of Recommendations from Report

Recommendations to ICANN:

  1. That registrations are either dispensed with entirely, or that a high-threshold requirement of proof of identify (e.g. production of passport) be required.
  2. That the requirement for names printed on the reverse of nametags be reviewed, as most attendees use the back of the nametag holder for storage, rendering usefulness as very low.
  3. That ICANN requires all attendees using ICANN Internet connectivity to use a username and password, provided at the time of registration, upon receipt of valid identification.
  4. That meeting room allocations must be *finalized* at least 7 days prior to the start of the ICANN meeting.
  5. That ICANN supply its own audio visual equipment in each location, relieving meeting hosts of a cost burden of around $US100,000 per meeting.
  6. That *immediately* after an ICANN meeting concludes, a link to the next meeting hosts website is activated by ICANN.
  7. That ICANN pay special attention to the speed and accuracy of data as it applies to the agenda and times and locations of ICANN meeting meetings.
  8. That the ICANN Meetings Committee meet with the hosts of the last 4 or 5 ICANN meetings in Morocco, to discuss improvements to ICANN’s communications and methodologies.

Recommendations to Minister of Immigration:

  1. That visa applications should be given priority responses of YES or NO, and delays in issuing visas of 1 - 6 months be considered unacceptable.
  2. That passports must not be withheld from applicants for more than the time specified applicable to visa applications
  3. That the Immigration Department be required to disclose Direct Dial phone numbers in all communications to individuals.

    Recommendation to Wellington Hotels regarding Internet connectivity:

    1. That InternetNZ recommends to Wellington hotels that they consider broadband Internet access as a necessary utility, no different to the provision of water or electricity, and not as an “extra” to be charged for.

    Recommendation to All:

      1.Unless you are prepared to pay 4 – 5 star rates and be happy with 2 – 3 star service and facilities, avoid using the Duxton Hotel in Wellington.


    The primary purpose of this document is to capture aspects of the facilitation of the ICANN Wellington meeting for internal record keeping. It is intended that this will become part of the public records of InternetNZ and the information will be published on the InternetNZ website.

    Secondary purposes include:

    1. providing feedback to suppliers and providers
    2. providing information for conference organisers regarding Wellington
    3. providing information for future ICANN meeting hosts
    4. providing input to ICANN relating to issues for ICANN meeting hosts

    The ICANN meeting was held in Wellington from 24th to 31st March 2006. Details are on the website for this event at

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