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Report of SRS IOC Chair on SRS Implementation 03/08/01

As a result of the recent Council elections, there has been a complete change over in the composition of the SRS IOC. A meeting of the committee has been scheduled for Friday 3rd with the new members as well as Rick Shera and Steven Heath to provide a handover

The archives of the SRS IOC mailing list have presented difficulty forsome of the new members with a considerable number of Microsoft Worddocuments having been posted and these are apparently not easy toretrieve from the archive system in use. It is suggested that themailing list archive system be reviewed and perhaps guidelines for usebe made available to committees. In the short term we will be lookingto establish a document archive on the web site.

A technical project manager has been identified to:

  • Assess a registry package(s) for suitability for the .nz registry
  • Assist with the development of the detailed functional specification

for the SRS

  • Develop the software implementation plan
  • Project manage the technical implementation of the SRS software

Subject to satisfactory negotiations he will start at the end of August.

I have attached Rose's monthly report on progress to date.As you will see drafts have been circulated for comment to both theSRS IOC and in the case of the ISOCNZ - ccTLD manager relationshipoptions to Council. There has been some confusion about this with somerecipients believing that this is the consultation process andresponding accordingly. This is not the case.

The purpose of circulation to the SRS IOC and Council is to ensurethat the documents are complete and fairly represent the SRS optionsfor the forthcoming stakeholder (and public?) consultation process.

The SRS IOC will be discussing timeline and process options on Friday

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