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SRS Implementation Progress Report 03/08/01

Progress Report to SRS Implementation Oversight Committee

31 July 2001

The Internet Society of New Zealand is committed to establishing a Shared Registry System for the registration and management of .nz domain names. The SRS Implementation Oversight Committee will oversee this project.


The process that has been followed has been running several strands of activity and preparing a series of consultation documents. This has involved the following:

  • Draft prepared by Implementation Manager
  • Review of draft by SRS IOC for comment on gaps/omissions
  • Discussion with Council (as a first step before wider consultation where it is a major issue, for example, the ISOCNZ-ccTLD manager relationship)
  • Release of individual papers for feedback using the SRS-Impl mailing list
  • Face to face presentations (late September) of the SRS package (draft functional specifications, business rules, contracts). The target audience will include current resellers, proposed registrars, moderators, and consumer representatives.
  • Finalise the system and business requirements following feedback from the face to face presentations
  • Implementation

Stocktake of Work to Date:

The following elements of the SRS model have been completed to the draft stage:

  • The SRS - High Level Requirements (released for comments in late June)
  • The ISOCNZ - ccTLD manager relationship options (forwarded to Council in early July and for presentation to the Council on 3 August)
  • The SRS Operational/Business Rules (draft circulated to the SRS IOC)
  • The Registry Business Model (draft circulated to SRS IOC)
  • The ccTLD manager - Registrar contract (draft completed, now being put into a plain English format)
  • The registry - registrar contract (draft completed, now being put into a plain English format)

In addition, a paper describing the SRS Model/Environment has been prepared and released as a starting point for those who are not familiar with the SRS concept

In Progress:

  • A standard/model registrar-registrant contract
  • Code of Conduct
  • Appointment of a technical Project Manager

Next Steps:

  • Complete the "in progress" work
  • Draft the functional specifications
  • Recommendation on an existing package or design and build
  • Full implementation plan/timetable

Ministry of Economic Development

I was invited to a meeting, with the Executive Director, at the Ministry of Economic Development (Competition and Enterprise Branch) to hear the government's perspective on the SRS. The government is keen to see an open and uncapturable SRS environment, with low barriers to entry and a large number of registrars, which is very much in line with the Hine Report recommendations. I undertook to provide regular updates as the implementation process proceeds.

Rose Percival
SRS Implementation Manager
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