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Domain Name Commissioner Role Description


InternetNZ is an incorporated society established to foster co-ordinated and co-operative development of the Internet in New Zealand. The Society works to safeguard the Internet's philosophy of open and uncensored exchange of information.

InternetNZ is responsible for the management of New Zealand (.nz) domain name space.


·The purpose of the Domain Name Commissioner role is day to day oversight of the operation of the .nz domain name registration and management system.

This is a new position and will go through two phases:

· The first will involve overseeing the transition to the shared registry system for domain name registrations. This will include the establishment of the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner and the new registry organisation, authorisation of the initial pool of registrars and the transfer of management of specific domain names from Domainz to authorised registrars.

· The second phase will be the ongoing development and monitoring of the competitive registrar market, and the environment for domain name registration and management for .nz domain names.

Key Responsibilities

The Commissioner reports to a sub-committee of the InternetNZ Council and is responsible for the operational aspects of the following:

  • Maintaining the policy for .nz domain name management

  • Authorising new registrars

  • Monitoring registrar activity - "market" surveillance, specific investigations of any registrar, de-authorising a registrar

  • Contracting for registry services and monitoring the registry's performance and register charges

  • Convening the Registry-Registrar Committee

  • Monitoring of and influencing international developments in relation to the management of the DNS, in so far as they may impact on the .nz domain name space.

  • Running the process for creating the second level domains and appointing moderators for moderated second level domains

Role Dimensions

Relationship Management

Successful implementation and management of the Shared Registry System will depend in part on the ability of the Commissioner to build and manage relationships with a range of stakeholders and participants including:

  • The InternetNZ Executive Director, Council and sub-committee

  • The registry operator

  • Domainz

  • Registrars

Staff Management

The requirements of the Commissioner's Office will evolve but it is anticipated that the initial staffing will involve up to two administrative support staff.

Budget Management

The Commissioner will be responsible for managing the budget for the Commissioner's Office.

The Commissioner will be responsible for forecasting revenue and expenditure for the shared registry system for .nz, and recommending changes to registry fee levels for .nz domain name registrations.


The Commissioner will be required to devote as much time is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the position in an outstanding way.

Key Competencies

The Commissioner will be expected to demonstrate the following competency behaviours:

Analysis and Judgement

Displays the ability to critically analyse information and to arrive at the best solutions, decision and judgements fitting to the particular situation.


Establishes a credible presence with all stakeholders to achieve support and buy-in to achieve the effective management of .nz.

Change Management

Anticipates the impact and complexity of change and develops strategies to ensure a smooth transition.

Relationship Management

Builds and maintains effective working relationships across .nz.


Able to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, and present to different audiences. An open and honest communicator who is able to present effective arguments to influence others and negotiate mutually acceptable solutions.


Able to consistently demonstrate overall personal effectiveness in work attitude, orientation and approach.

Continuous Improvement

Actively seeks ways to improve processes and outcomes.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • Broad business knowledge and experience.

  • Proven experience at leadership in the planning, implementation and management of significant change especially in relation to new systems and processes.

  • Ability to lead, manage and energise a group with diverse strategic and operational activities and interests.

  • A sound grasp of the issues facing .nz.

  • The ability to view .nz as an integrated whole and to apply this thinking to problem solving and relationship management.

  • The ability to think strategically and systematically.

  • Political acumen.

7 February 2002

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Last updated 8 February 2002

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