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Document Text of basis of NZ Oral Submission on WIPO to Berlin Meeting
Document Letter of Tender 28/4/00
Document Constituency Meeting ADCOM
Document Constituency Meeting ccTLD Best Practice
Document Constituency Meeting Agenda
Document Dealing with ccTLD Disputes
Document Shanghai ICANN Meeting Report
Document GAC Meetings Report 2002
Document Stockholm Sweden Meetings
Document Stockholm Sweden Meetings 30 May to 4 June 2001- Best Practice
Document Stockholm Sweden Meetings 30 May to 4 June 2001
Document Statement from the ccTLD Constituency of ICANN, Meeting in LA
Document Melbourne - Keith Davidson
Document Melbourne - Rick Shera
Document Montevideo Meetings 3-9 September 2001 Verbatim
Document Response to ICANN request for further funding
Document NZ Comments on the Proposed Amendments to the ICANN Bylaws
Document Summit Summary - ICANN Changes Final NZ Position Paper
Document Court tosses out Porsche domain-name suit
Document The USA Based ISOC Head sings praises of self regulated Net
Document .nz Response to Report to WG-A of the DNSO - 02/08/99
Document INZ Submission to Magaziner Green Paper
Document Letter from ASIMELEC to ICANN - 7 May 1999
Document auda990413meeting1.html
Document auda990420elections.html
Document cctld990507discussion.html
Document icann990412noncomdns.html
Document icann990421registrars.html
Document icann990505registrarcons.html
Document icann990509alternative.html
Document netziens990422.html
Document Melbourne Report J Northover 23/03/01
Document Shanghai Communique
Document ccTLD Shanghai Communique
Document WIPO Response by ISOCNZ 12/03/99
Document Government Position Regarding the Control of Internet Service Delivery in New Zealand
Document ccTLD
Document Actions