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Letter of Tender 28/4/00

ccTLD Secretariat |REQUEST FOR TENDER FOR ccTLD SECRETARIAT | Secretarial Support of the ccTLD Constituency and its Administrative Committee |PROVIDED BY ISOCNZ

ccTLD Secretariat

Level 1, (e)-Vision House
282 Wakefield Street

The Administration Committee
ccTLD Constituency

28 April 2000

Dear AdCom Members


At the ccTLD constituency meeting held in Cairo in March 2000 attended by representatives of all five regions, Peter Dengate Thrush made a good faith offer for New Zealand to host the initial Secretariat for the ccTLD constituency. The meeting unanimously accepted the offer, and US$45,000.00 was pledged by various ccTLD's to get the project off the ground. The AdCom has since decided to put the interim Secretariat out for tender. The lengthy tender document envisages a much wider range of services and raises the minimum tender price to $US60,000.

New Zealand wishes to reiterate its original offer to set up the initial Secretariat offering basic services to facilitate the three work areas identified as priorities for the Yokohama meeting (namely: Draft Best Practices document, ICANN Services to the ccTLD, and Funding) and also the names Council elections with a budget of $US45,000. The offer was made on the understanding that New Zealand would host the initial Secretariat for the rest of 2000, allowing the longer term situation to be sorted out over that period.

Fay Howard and I had a brief meeting after the Constituency meeting and she kindly gave me a copy of draft proposal she had prepared on behalf of CENTR for the AdCom last year (since circulated to the list). I therefore reproduce it below, simply reorganising the material in terms of priority. The Budget follows.

[COPY OF CENTR PROPOSAL - 1999, Fay Howard]

Secretarial Support of the ccTLD Constituency and its Administrative Committee:

WORK [in order of priority]

  1. AdCom Support
    • Facilitate AdCom meetings and teleconferences providing notice to the constituency. Prepare draft agendas and minutes and ensure distribution and publication on the web site.
    • Prepare draft documents and position papers for the consideration of the AdCom and the constituency.
  2. Constituency Meetings and ccTLD workshops
    • Arrange venues, draft agendas and produce support documentation. Announce meetings and find competent contributors to speak at workshops. Take minutes/notes as requires for publication.
    • Produce and update a calendar of events for publication on the web site.
  3. Elections and voting mechanisms
    • Maintain election procedures as agreed by the constituency and facilitate elections for Names Council and AdCom representation. Establish secure voting procedures for these and other matters requiring an official ballot.
  4. Names Council Representatives
    • Provide administrative support to the constituency?s Names Council representatives including Teleconference and facilities and drafting of any announcements or documents required.
  5. Financial
    • Invoice members for agreed contributions.
    • Create constituency budgets and financial reports for approval of the AdCom. Should it be necessary, make payments for constituency contributions to other bodies such as DNSO.
  6. Mailing lists/Web site
    • Take over creation and maintenance of constituency mailing lists including archives. Create web documents and maintain the Web site ( domain name).
  7. Information/Publicity
    • Ensure that information and announcements of relevance to ccTLD registries is distributed to the constituents including easy to read summaries where appropriate. Provide contact point for press and other enquiries concerning constituency issues.
  8. Membership
    • Maintain a register of constituency membership and contact information including authorised person for voting. Set up and maintain liaison with IANA/ICANN/Internic in respect of changes to such information.
  9. Outreach
    • Devise and implement a programme of global outreach to increase awareness and participation in the constituency.
  10. Out sourced work
    • Engage where appropriate and approved by AdCom, expert professional advice or services such as legal assistance or balloting services.
Full-time "Executive Director" 70,000 35,000
Travel /accommodation(2 ICANN meetings) 10,000 5,000
PC, desk, separate phone/fax line, toll calls 10,000 5,000
TOTAL $NZ90,000 $US45,000

NB Extra out sourced work would require extra budget allocation after approval by AdCom


  1. Executive search and hire
  2. Office space
  3. High-speed ISDN Internet access
  4. Access to local expertise as needed, e.g, technical
  5. Mail servers/web hosts if required

Sue Leader
Executive Director
on behalf of the Council of the Internet Society of New Zealand - .nz

© 2000 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 25 May 2000

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