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Constituency Meeting Agenda

Constituency Meeting Agenda

09:00 Welcome
Approval of Agenda

Best Practice for ccTLDs and ccTLD Delegation and re-Delegation

Best Practice

  • CENTR Best Practice Principles
  • Other proposals
  • GAC proposal

ccTLD Delegation and re-Delegation

  • GAC proposal
  • .PN re-delegation - who's next
  • ccTLD Regulatory body (Jim Higgins document)
11:00 Break
11:30 ccTLD Contract for Root Services

Revised Names Council election Procedures

  • Document produced by WB, PO'B and GD
  • Time Frame for new elections
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 AdCom elections

ICANN Funding

  • Funding Task Force
  • ccTLD Donations for 1999/2000
  • ccTLD Contributions for 2000/2001 and subsequent years
15:30 Creation of new TLDs
16:00 Break

Multi-lingual Domain Names

  • Extension to full ASCII 7 bit characters
  • Extension to full 8 bit ASCII
  • Extension to 2 Byte Unicode characters
17:30 Close
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