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Stockholm Sweden Meetings 30 May to 4 June 2001

Communiqué of the ccTLD Constituency

Stockholm, 1 June 2001

cc Supporting Organisation In Formation

The ccTLD Constituency meeting unanimously approved the plan to become a Supporting Organisation of ICANN. The decision acknowledges that a Supporting Organisation structure will better serve our local Internet communities, as well as the global Internet community, within the ICANN process. The proposed Country Code Supporting Organisation (ccSO), with its exclusive focus on ccTLD issues, will join with the PSO (Protocol Supporting Organisation), ASO (Address Supporting Organisation) and the DNSO (Domain Name Supporting Organisation) in equal partnership to support the work of ICANN. At a joint meeting, representatives of the Business, Intellectual Property, ISPCP, and Registrar Constituencies voiced their support for the formation of the new ccSO, and a process for ongoing communication was established. The next step involves continuing the discussions with the other Constituencies in the DNSO, the ICANN Board and Staff, and our own members.

ccTLD Contracts

The Constituency is disappointed that neither the Board nor Staff have responded to the ccTLD draft contract presented at the Melbourne ICANN meeting in March 2001.

Permanent Secretariat

The ccTLD Constituency meeting in Stockholm on 31 May 2001, approved the establishment of the Permanent ccTLD Secretariat. The new Executive Director, Dr. Byung-Kyu Kim (Korea), and his team, Dr. Abhisak Chulya (Deputy Executive Director - Thailand), Seung Yeon Yoo, and Jeong Hye Choi (both of Korea) will be operating from an Asia-Pacific based office. The new ccTLD Secretariat has a two-year term, subject to availability of funding from ccTLD members.

The meeting agreed that the formation of a Permanent Secretariat was an important step forward in supporting the work of the ccTLD's.

New Administration Committee Member

The members welcomed the newly elected AdCom representative for Europe, Nigel Roberts. Mr Roberts replaces the retiring representative for Europe, Fay Howard.

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