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Copyright (New Technologies and Performers' Rights) Amendment Act


In April 2008, the Copyright (New Technologies and Performers' Rights) Amendment Bill was passed. A copy of the Bill can be found at the following link:

The controversial Section 92A of the Bill was to have taken effect on 28 February 2009 but the Government delayed its implementation for one month to allow the TCF to iron out an industry code that would have helped ISPs meet its requirements.

In March 2009, the Government announced that Section 92A would not come into force on 27 March as scheduled, but would be amended to address "areas of concern".

In July 2009 the public was invited to make submissions on a proposal to replace the Section 92A  amendment to New Zealand's Copyright Act.

InternetNZ Activity

  • InternetNZ lodged a submission on the Copyright Amendment Bill in March 2007 and has issued a swath of copyright-related press releases available in the 'Media' section of our website.   
  • InternetNZ held two workshops in 2007 to discuss matters relating to the Copyright Amendment Bill.
  • In 2008, InternetNZ participated on a Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum (TCF) Working Party, which worked on a termination policy so that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could comply with Section 92A.
  • In August 2009 InternetNZ made a submission on the Ministry of Economic Development's Section 92a Policy Proposal Document.
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