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There is growing urgency for the Internet to support both IPv4 and IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), a network layer Internet protocol standard used to exchange data across a packet-switched internet.


IPv6 is being formally adopted as a replacement for IPv4 and together these will offer vastly increased resources. More than one million new devices connect to the Internet every week, with the pool of four billion IPv4 addresses expected to be exhausted by 2010.

For an indication of IPv6 uptake in New Zealand to-date visit the New Zealand IPv6 Status Survey:

New Zealand IPv6 Status Survey.

New Zealand IPv6 Activity

IPv6 Steering Group

A New Zealand IPv6 Steering Group has been formed to develop an IPv6 transition plan. The steering group includes representatives from telecommunications carriers, internet service providers, ICT vendors, and industry and user associations.

IPv6 Hui

The Steering Group hosted an IPv6 Hui in August 2009, focused on IPv4 address space exhaustion and corporate implementation of IPv6. Video/audio from the Hui and copies of presentations can be found here.

IPv6 Wiki

The Steering Group has created a Wiki to provide meaningful IPv6 deployment guidance to industry. (

IPv6 Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists have been set up for discussion of New Zealand-related IPv6 issues.

IPv6 Public Mailing List: intended for general IPv6 discussion

IPv6 Technical Mailing List: intended for technical IPv6 discussion

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