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Is Hacking Legislation Needed? - Preliminary Consultation

Cracking/Hacking Legislation for New Zealand

ISOCNZ began the process of consultation with the Internet community regarding the possible need for new legislation under which crackers/hackers can be prosecuted in January 1999. This page was one of the first steps in the consultation process and utilised an on-line form. Your input has been collated.

See our January Press Release on the subject.

Many people filled in the Consultation form which originally appeared on this page, and those who indicated willingness to form a working group have been contacted. We are now awating the formal introduction of Legislation into the House, so that the group can create a submission.

For the Law Commission's Report on the need for such legislation, and what form it might take, see the Report on Computer Misuse .The report was tabled in Parliament in May 1999.

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