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Draft Proposal to Establish Internet Hotline April 2000


The purpose of an Internet Hotline in New Zealand is to provide a service to the New Zealand Internet community for information of all sorts, including complaints. At present there are various ways of complaining or finding out Internet related information one of which is to call the ISOCNZ office.

I propose that an Internet Hotline be set up to provide a catchment for as wide a range of Internet related queries as possible, using the existing services and organisations where they exist and where there are gaps that a recommendation to council be developed to find a suitable response.

Recommendation that a detailed proposal be developed that includes:-

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Process for handling calls
  3. Marketing and public awareness programme for the hotline
  4. Training
  5. Information sources and information currency
  6. Existing organisations that provide Internet or Internet related information

Requests might include

ISP recommendations -
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Services

Internet statistical information
Telecommunications and associated legislation
Consumer rights
Provider responsibilities
Pornography reporting
Complaints of various types
Code of Practice information / complaints
ISOCNZ information

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