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InternetNZ welcomes Digital Strategy

"The main concerns relating to the original draft have been addressed, and we now have a strategy that not only points the way to a national digital future but puts in place the structures and funding to ensure that work gets done and goals are achieved," said InternetNZ Executive Director Pete Macaulay.

"In particular, the categorisation into confidence, connection and content gives clarity to the vision. Down deeper, where the detail matters, organisations are put on the spot to deliver, and offered the funding to ensure that lack of money will not be an excuse in the case of failure to deliver," Pete Macaulay said.

"We especially welcome the $24 million for regional open-access fibre broadband networks, along with support for the Advanced Network.

InternetNZ is committed to delivering the pieces of the Digital Strategy that have our name attached, including the Digital Opportunities Foundation, and to strongly support efforts in other areas.

"We look forward to working with government, our sibling organisations and the ICT business community to meet the ambitious but achievable goals of the Digital Strategy," Pete Macaulay concluded.



Pete Macaulay
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