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Keith Davidson appointed as Executive Director of InternetNZ

“Pete has done a brilliant job as our Executive Director for the last 30 months, and our profile and range of activities has never been better. We are delighted that his replacement will be someone who is so knowledgeable and well respected on Internet issues” said Vice-President David Farrar.

“Keith has owned and managed an Internet Service Provider. He has been General Manager of a successful commercial business (the Wairarapa Times-Age) and has an accountancy background. This is exactly the range of skills and experience we need to successfully manage the many projects and initiatives InternetNZ is now undertaking”

The Executive Appointment Panel advertised the position nation-wide in April, and interviewed a short-list in mid May. The Panel consisted of the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Mr Tony Heyward of Chamberlain Doyle & Associates. There were many highly qualified candidates and it was the unanimous preference of the panel to offer the job to Keith Davidson. “We are delighted he accepted” said David Farrar.

Keith is well known to InternetNZ members and stakeholders as he is currently the retiring President (his term ends on 29 July) of InternetNZ. He is the longest serving member of the InternetNZ Council, having been a Councillor since 1998, Treasurer from 1999 to 2001 and President from 2001 – 2005. He will bring great knowledge of the society and our issues into his new role.

Prior to signing an employment agreement, Keith today resigned the office of President. The Vice-President will function as Acting President until the conclusion of the AGM on 29 July. No by-election is necessary if the vacancy occurs between 31 March and the AGM. The AGM will elect a President for the 2005 – 2007 years.

Keith will commence work on 20 June as the Executive Director Designate. He will assume the role of Executive Director on 1 August and will be working with Pete Macaulay to arrange a seamless transition.


For further comment, please contact:

David Farrar, Acting President, Chair – Executive Appointment Panel
027 447 0216 or

Keith Davidson, Executive Director Designate
021 377 587 or

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