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InternetNZ welcomes Online Security Day 2005

Media Release - November 29, 2005 - "A welcome initiative which should remind people of their responsibilities when using their computers," is the comment of Keith Davidson (Executive Director of InternetNZ) in supporting the inaugural New Zealand Online Security Day, being held tomorrow, Wednesday 30 November 2005.

"This is a great initiative by the Internet Safety Group (NetSafe), and
it highlights the NetBasics steps they have been promoting in recent

"Too many people simply delay keeping their computers secure - the 'I'll do it tomorrow' culture is all too common.

"People think they can or will update their firewall, patch their
operating system and update virus software some other time.
Unfortunately for many people, tomorrow never comes - and unnecessary
risks to computer security are all too common as a result.

"The reality is they should just do it today," Keith Davidson said.


For further information about Online Security Day, contact Internet Safety Group Executive Director Liz Butterfield, or +64 21 72 5864

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