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InternetNZ cautiously welcomes WSIS outcome

Media Release - November 17, 2005 - “In the end, this is an outcome which New Zealand Internet users should be comfortable with - but the devil is in the detail,” said InternetNZ president Colin Jackson today, responding to news of a deal agreed by governments at the World Summit on the Information Society, currently being held in Tunisia.

“The critical point is that there is no interference in ICANNs continued
administration of the Internet’s core infrastructure including the domain name
system, IP numbers and the root server database. This will ensure that the
successful model of private-sector led development involving all relevant
stakeholders continues to govern the core of the Internet.

“The Summit looks likely to agree the formation of a UN/ITU Internet
Governance forum, aimed at addressing the broad public policy issues raised by
the Internet’s development, including addressing international problems such as
cyber-crime, spam and identity theft. Such issues do not fit under the ICANN
umbrella, so it is useful that a new global organisation is established for this

“It will be a matter of great importance to ensure the new Forum does not
stray from its agreed mandate, into the technical core areas administered by

“The ICANN administrative functions are working well, and could potentially
be made more responsive to national governments by strengthening the Government
Advisory Committee (GAC) constituency which has always existed with ICANN.

“InternetNZ welcomes the continuation of the private-sector led ICANN at the
heart of the Internet, but remains cautious about the creation of the new

The proposed Forum provides an opportunity for governments to play their part
in policy development for those aspects of Internet Governance not covered by
ICANN, We will be monitoring this closely to ensure that it stays within its
remit..” concluded Colin Jackson.



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