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ICANN do IT in Wellington

Media Release - March 20, 2006 - From March 27-31, InternetNZ, the non-profit organisation overseeing the Internet in this country, is hosting ICANN Wellington.

This is big There are 700+ delegates from around the globe attending ICANN Wellington; 90 governments from Congo to the Cayman Islands are represented. But the small guys are here tooA host of meetings will be played out on the margins of the ICANN conference itself, including a meeting of Pacific Island Communications Ministers.The broadband debate may widenICANN believes the Internet functions at its best with high-speed, open access broadband networks. Wellington is the only city in New Zealand to have such infrastructure - hence it is hosting ICANN. Communications Minister David Cunliffe is due to open the conference on March 27 at 9amThere will be international politics tooICANN was a created at the instigation of the US government. The United Nations will be represented at the conference and with the support of some nations, will promote its challenge to ICANN to establish another international organisation to deal with Internet issues.Then there's .xxxOne issue likely to gain attention is the bid by an English businessman to establish a new top level domain solely for adult content - .xxx - a move not opposed by some internet safety groups (including NZ's) because it could allow easier monitoring and blocking of access to sex sites.What would the father of the Internet think?Well, you might have a chance to ask. American computer scientist Dr Vint Cerf, the founder of IP (Internet Protocol) is ICANN's chair, and fondly referred to as "the father of the Internet". He's also Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and a visionary thinker on where the Internet is headed. Who can attend?Anyone who has a genuine interest in Internet governance issues is welcome to attend. ICANN is an almost totally open organisation. Much of the deliberations from Monday March 27 to 31 will be webcast live - see can register for the conference and obtain a full conference programme at upA media conference with ICANN president and CEO, Dr Paul Twomey and IANN chair Vint Cerf will be held at 1.30pm on Sunday March 26 at Civic Suite 3, Wellington Town Hall.Next upICANN Wellington begins formally at 9am on Monday March 27 at the Michael Fowler Centre/Wellington Convention Centre. There will be the opportunity for footage and photos of Hon Cunliffe meeting ICANN chair Vint Cerf and CEO/President Paul Twomey.Media conferenceA media conference with Vint Cerf and Paul Twomey are scheduled for 2pm  on Friday March 31 at the Wellington Convention Centre  (exact venue will be posted early Friday on a board in Michael Fowler Centre foyer). Facilities for those wishing to take part telephonically will be available. Need more?For more information about ICANN, explanative background or just help with the acronyms, contactBrendon BurnsCommunications Managerfor InternetNZ @ICANN 305501

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