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InternetNZ welcomes Telecom plan for industry consultation on regulated

Media Release - June 16, 2006 - "Today's letter to industry from Telecom, and the supportive media release from the Telecommunications Commissioner, can and should be positive for the Internet in New Zealand," said InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson today.

"We congratulate Telecom for this initiative as a tangible way of demonstrating the new approach Telecom promised late last month. Mr Davidson was commenting on the news today that Telecom wishes to work with the industry to develop technical specifications, implementation plans and deployment timetables for the services the government has decided to regulate, as announced on 3 May 2006 (UBS/Naked DSL and LLU). "As the legislation to reform the telecommunications carries on through this year, it is a great idea to have the industry working with the Commissioner to develop aspects of the new regulated services in an inclusive and industry-wide manner." Keith Davidson said. "This work if successful will seriously speed up the process of rolling out the new services in 2007. "To make this work, Telecom will need to table far more data about its network reach and capability than it has done to date. They have committed to doing this. Meeting this commitment will be a useful demonstration of the newly cooperative approach announced by Telecom in response to the government's regulatory package. "InternetNZ, as a society committed to acting in the best interest of the Internet community looks forward to participating in this process, and looks forward to quick progress," concluded Keith Davidson. ENDS For media comment please contact: Keith Davidson, Executive, 021 377 587Colin Jackson,, 021 393 685

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