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InternetNZ supports Government’s wireless broadband decision

Media Release - November 23, 2006 - InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) congratulates the Government on its decision to reallocate spectrum for the purposes of wireless broadband, concurring that the move will provide better, more competitive access to broadband.

Communications Minister Hon David Cunliffe
made the announcement today, with an auction process set to begin in early
InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson says wireless
broadband is a key ingredient in a successful digital strategy because of New
Zealand’s mountainous terrain and population distribution, and there are
further benefits: “New Zealand is uniquely placed to innovate in the wireless
area – we have a natural advantage as a nation of islands far away from
anywhere, avoiding cross-border interference issues that many other countries
Davidson says the allocation of a 16MHz block as a Managed Park has the potential to fill the gulf
between current “public park” and Management Rights regimes.
“This will enable a new generation of wireless service
providers to build more stable and reliable businesses to connect New
Zealanders. We applaud the Government in pursuing a strategy of ‘strength
through diversity’, which is one of the key elements of the success of the
Internet as a global communications platform.
“We hope the ensuing consultative process of developing Managed Park policy takes into account a wide
range of views from the broader wireless industry - balancing innovation from
the new generation of
operators with the experience of the more established
wireless network providers. InternetNZ extends an offer to help facilitate this
process through its membership and aligned organisations.
InternetNZ also looks forward to further announcements
around the use of the high capacity 80/90GHz band to support the local
interconnection of emerging broadband wireless access operators and other
Government initiatives such as the GSN and KAREN.
For further comment please contact:
Keith DavidsonExecutive Director, or 021 377 587

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