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InternetNZ releases RFP for Broadband Strategy research

Media Release - 30 June 2008 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) has today released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a scene-setting consulting report to assess broadband strategy options for New Zealand. The RFP document is attached, or can be accessed at

InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson says announcements from political parties have spurred considerable public debate about how best to achieve a much higher level of broadband penetration for business and consumers, both urban and rural.

“The announcements offer differing visions and raise significant questions as to the best path forward to achieve widespread broadband penetration,” he says. “With this RFP InternetNZ is taking a leadership role in researching and analysing the proposals and other current thinking both locally and internationally.

We aim to inform the public debate and provide a base of pragmatic advice about the best way to proceed, given the high public interest in securing a successful outcome.”

“This is not a call for just another consulting report: we want concrete advice on how to roll out these services in the most cost effective manner,” says Davidson.


In April 2008, The New Zealand Institute released a discussion document (Delivering on the Broadband Aspiration: A Recommended Pathway to Fibre in New Zealand) containing a considered and costed roadmap as the first part of a proposed project for New Zealand to “develop a fast path to fibre to capture the economic benefits”.

National Party leader John Key’s Leader’s Speech (Achieving a Step Change: Better Broadband for New Zealand) of 22nd April 2008 flagged a political intention to invest “up to $1.5 billion of Crown capital over six years to accelerate the roll-out of a fibre-to-the-home network for New Zealand”.

The Labour-led Government’s Broadband Investment Fund was released as part of the budget on 22 May 2008, pledging $325m of operating spending to support rollout of broadband Internet infrastructure on a contestable, technology-neutral basis. The Fund includes $75m specifically set aside for rural broadband issues.

It is anticipated that other parties will make announcements prior to the General Election. Regardless of what political parties announce as policy, an independent assessment of the best way forward will be a valuable input to the debate.


The RFP being released today closes on Friday 18 July 2008 at 4pm.

The objective is to select an individual or organisation to research and analyse options that have been raised along with other approaches that have been utilised internationally.

There will be a two-stage process with Stage One including a discovery process and literature review leading to recommendations as to what will be achievable. Stage Two will result in the final report.

InternetNZ is looking for a “strawman” model with costings, possible investment approaches and the identification of any further work required.

For further information:

Jordan Carter

Deputy Executive Director


04 472 1600 / 04 495 2118
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