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InternetNZ Launches History Book and Internet Entrepreneurship Foundation

Media Release - 22 August 2008 – InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) announces the successful launch of ‘Connecting the Clouds – the Internet in New Zealand’ and the Liz Dengate Thrush Internet Entrepreneurship Foundation.

The book was officially launched last night in front of a 120-strong crowd at the National Library and was followed by the Foundation’s inaugural dinner at a black-tie dinner in Wellington.

Written by author Keith Newman, ‘Connecting the Clouds’ records the people, activities and events that contributed to the creation, then growth, of the Internet in New Zealand.

Its launch saw formal speeches delivered by author Newman, InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson, ICAAN Chair Peter Dengate Thrush and Associate Minister of Arts Culture and Heritage Judith Tizard.

Davidson paid tribute to Newman’s work and acknowledged the importance of documenting this history before the knowledge of New Zealand’s Internet past has disappeared completely.

“To this end, the Society has committed to keeping the publication up-to-date as a living online resource through the book’s Wiki at I urge readers of the book to contribute to the Wiki, helping to preserve the record of the Internet’s development in New Zealand,” he says.

The Liz Dengate Thrush Internet Entrepreneurship Foundation inaugural dinner was also held last night, attended by 120 people. From next year the Foundation will host an annual awards dinner recognising New Zealand Internet entrepreneurs.

The award categories were announced at the dinner by former InternetNZ President Jim Higgins, InternetNZ Executive Board Chair Paul Swain, longstanding InternetNZ member Marilyn Cade and Foundation Trustee Neville Young.

The award categories are:

The Societal Impact Award - development of the application, product or services provided on the Internet likely to have the most beneficial impact on New Zealand society.

Best Education Product or Service Award on the Internet - the application, product or services provided on the Internet that is likely to have the greatest impact on learning and/or teaching in New Zealand.

Best Business Application on the Internet - for those that transform their methods of doing business, or change our way of doing business with them.

Internet Entrepreneur of the Year - recognition for that rare breed who has put capital and reputation on the line and successfully contributed to New Zealand’s wealth.

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson

Executive Director


021 377 587
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