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InternetNZ gives thumbs up to Digital Development Council

Media Release - 29 May 2008 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) welcomes the launch today of the Digital Development Council by Minister of Communications and IT David Cunliffe.

The signing of the establishment rules for the Council enables work to progress in setting up and signing members to the Digital Development Forum, which will include wide representation from user, industry, community and local government organisations.

InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson says the initiative will bring organisations together from across the ICT spectrum to work with Government both in providing policy advice and to deliver on strategic goals.

"The Government's Digital Strategy cannot be done in isolation. A collaborative approach is required and this new structure sets up a framework to deliver substantial benefits for New Zealand."

The Council and Forum should be seen as a useful consultation body for Government to assist in establishing policies that affect the ICT sector, says Davidson. "There are real opportunities here to share information and produce practical work programmes utilising wide industry and user experience. We certainly look forward to participating."

Cabinet's decision to provide establishment and early funding has been crucial to getting the initiative up and running and it should be noted that the Council and Forum will be independent of Government.

"InternetNZ calls on all interested organisations to support the initiative, focus on the national interest, and make it a success," says Davidson.

For more information:

Keith Davidson

Executive Director

021 377 587
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