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InternetNZ announces Council election results

Media Release – 4 August, 2008 – InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) announces official results in this year’s InternetNZ Council elections.

Interim election results were announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting last week and confirmed on Friday. There were nine nominations for six vacancies on Council, with official results as follows:

REANNZ Chief Executive Donald Clark and InternetNZ Fellow Neil James have been elected as new Councillors. Jamie Baddeley, Michael Wallmannsberger, Chris Streatfield and Jonny Martin have been re-elected to their Councillor positions.

Baddeley, Wallmannsberger, Streatfield and Clark will each serve a three-year term. Martin and James will each serve a two-year term. InternetNZ President Peter Macaulay warmly congratulates the Society’s newly-elected and re-elected Councillors.

“InternetNZ’s membership provides a steady stream of excellent candidates for board and council seats. Donald and Neil both have strong track records and proven passion for the goals of InternetNZ, so we look forward to their contribution to council deliberations”.

Macaulay also acknowledges the valuable contribution made to the Society by outgoing Council members Sam Sargeant and Carl Penwarden, who failed to secure re-election.

“It is a shame to lose good people from the InternetNZ council, but that is democracy in action. Sam and Carl have provided real and valuable contributions to the work of the InternetNZ council, and we thank them, and hope that they will be available for other roles,” he says.

The Annual General Meeting also saw members vote for two constitutional changes; renaming the Society to Internet New Zealand Inc and amending the constitution to allow for charitable status. Both changes were voted in by members. 

For more information contact:

Peter Macaulay



021 488 485
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