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InternetNZ appoints Executive Board members

Media Release – 30 July 2008 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce it has appointed Peter Dengate-Thrush, June McCabe, Miki Szikszai, and Judy Speight as members of its recently-established Executive Board.

The five-person Executive Board is responsible for developing policy relating to the Internet and advocates on behalf of internet users. It reports to the InternetNZ Council.

Chaired by former Minister of Communications Paul Swain, the Executive Board was established earlier this year as part of a structural review of the Society.

Mr Dengate-Thrush is an intellectual property lawyer and holds the Chair of ICANN – the US-based organisation that globally coordinates the Internet’s unique identifiers.

Ms McCabe has extensive experience in the public, finance and banking sectors and holds several other board positions including TVNZ and the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund.

Mr Szikszai is an experienced executive in digital media and Next Generation Broadband and Mobile networks, with a focus on understanding emerging customer needs and applying best practice risk management.

Ms Speight is the Executive Board’s InternetNZ Council representative and has a background as an ICT strategist, advisor, negotiator and lobbyist.

Ms McCabe has been appointed for three years, Mr Szikszai and Ms Speight for two years, and Mr Dengate-Thrush for one year. The differing terms are to ensure that Board members’ terms do not expire at the same time.

Executive Board Chair Paul Swain has welcomed the new board members, saying all are well-qualified and experienced strategic thinkers. “The Board has been established at an exciting time for the Internet in New Zealand. Major issues relating to broadband are being addressed, with InternetNZ taking a leading role in the debate on how the Internet can improve the lives of all New Zealanders.”

For further information: 

Peter Macaulay



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Paul Swain

Executive Board Chair


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