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InternetNZ applauds ‘Fibre-to-the-Farm’ project

Media Release - 15 December 2008 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) congratulates the small North Island town of Mangamaire on the launch of its high-speed ‘Fibre-to-the-Farm’ broadband network.

Mangamaire sits just North of Eketahuna in the Tararua District. Its gigabit-capable network was launched last week and is the result of a venture by InspireNet, FX Networks, Digital Nation and the Tararua District Council.

The town’s 46-pupil school is the hub for the new network. Local farmers are able to connect to the network, and the school also connects to KAREN (the Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network).

InternetNZ President Peter Macaulay says the launch of Mangamaire’s new network places the town on the leading edge of a global revolution to deliver real connectivity to real people.

“Although there are many schools in New Zealand with fast broadband connections, none are as isolated as Mangamaire and yet connected with gigabit speed fibre. Mangamaire now has the connections that will make an amazing difference for its school children, local businesses, farmers and the community as a whole.”

“InternetNZ has a goal to keep the Internet fast, open and uncapturable. Mangamaire’s network is meeting those goals and our vision is for every community in New Zealand to have these same benefits,” concludes Macaulay.

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