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NZRS replaces .nz name server

Media Release – 28 October 2008 – New Zealand Registry Services (NZRS) is pleased to announce that the authoritative name server for the .nz Domain Name System (DNS) has been replaced.

The replacement is part of a wider project aimed at improving the .nz DNS infrastructure. There is no impact on the .nz DNS as a result of the change and the new IP address for NS4.DNS.NET.NZ is

Over the last few weeks the NZRS, a subsidiary company of Internet New Zealand, has worked on the changes. The authoritative .nz name server was previously operated by TelstraClear.

Bringing the server under NZRS’ control will lead to greater reporting and monitoring of the .nz name servers. It will also enable the smoother addition of servers to other parts of the network, if required.

NZRS General Manager Nick Griffin thanks TelstraClear for its solid management of the .nz name server to-date.

“The new server uses a technology called anycast, where multiple servers respond to the same IP address, resulting in faster query times. It adds additional robustness and offers better resistance to large-scale denial of service attacks,” he says.

The NZRS operates and manages the registry of .nz domain names and the operation of the Domain Name System (DNS) in the .nz domain name space.

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