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Six political parties respond to InternetNZ questionnaire so far

Media Release - 4 November 2008 – Internet New Zealand (InternetNZ) welcomes the response of six political parties to its 2008 General Election Questionnaire, and encourages the remaining parties contending the Election to complete and file theirs.

"The Internet has an impact right across society, creating a need to drill down into the issues. We thank the parties that have put in the effort to answer this detailed questionnaire,” says InternetNZ executive director Keith Davidson.

The parties who have responded are (in order of response): Democrats for Social Credit, Progressive Party, Workers Party, Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, Labour, and The Greens. Brief responses have also been provided by National and NZ First.

Davidson says with significant Government and private investment being planned in broadband infrastructure, and legislative change occurring across copyright and broadcasting, for example, it's very important for New Zealanders to have a clear understanding ahead of the Election where parties stand on core Internet-related issues.

"The Internet will continue to play a vital role in New Zealand's future economic development and social wellbeing," he says.

The InternetNZ 2008 Election Questionnaire covers broadband, infrastructure, digital divide, copyright, cybersafety, privacy, emerging new technologies such as the new Internet addressing protocol IPv6, and convergence.

To read the responses visit:

For further information contact:

Richard Wood
Communications and Research Officer
04 495 2333

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